Our Mold Remediation Process Steps

Mold is capable of striking fear into almost everyone. Most people are aware of the fact that mold is incredibly dangerous. In fact, it is often best to avoid entering any property that has developed mold and start the mold remediation process steps right away without any delay. This problem will be complicated severely if the property that is impacted happens to be yours. The sad truth of the matter is that home mold removal is incredibly risky and very time-consuming.

Unless you’ve performed household mold removal professionally for a lengthy period of time, you should not take the risk!

Pure Airways offers cost-effective and speedy mold remediation to ensure you and your family will be able to return to your home with haste without suffering from signs and allergies. Below, you will learn more about mold removal and the benefits of hiring a professional.

Understanding Mold Remediation

Most consumers believe that household mold remediation involves going into the home and stripping out the materials containing the mold. This is only a minor portion of the procedure. If the mold is removed and other precautionary steps are not taken, there is a big possibility that the mold will return again in the near future. Before the home mold remediation begins, it is pertinent to identify the source of the problem. Mold usually grows, due to excessive moisture. Pure Airways will go above and beyond to reduce the moisture in your home to ensure that the mold will be removed and remediate for good.

Mold Removal And Disposal

We’ll make sure that your home is uninhabitable for mold before the household mold removal is started. This will help to decrease the likelihood that the mold will return in the future.

Isolation Is Pertinent For Safe Home Mold Removal

In most cases, only a small portion of the home will be contaminated with mold. The mold will usually be restricted to one or two rooms. With this in mind, it is absolutely pertinent to make sure that the mold is unable to spread. Isolation is truly a necessity. Before our experts begin the household mold remediation, they’ll set up a containment barrier to separate the impacted area from the unimpacted areas. Subsequently, a negative pressure vacuum will be used inside the containment area to help reduce the mold spores in the atmosphere.

This will help to prevent the mold from spreading when the mold is stripped from the walls and ceilings. Once these steps have been completed, the home mold remediation will finally begin.

Household Mold Removal And Disposal

After the above steps have been completed, the experts with Pure Airways will start the household mold remediation. Our experts will wear protective gear while removing the drywall and ceiling tiles that have developed mold. This process can be very dangerous, so our team will work with extreme caution and precision. After the drywall has been stripped from the wall, it will be bagged separately based on type. Once this has been completed, the mold-infested materials will be transported outside of the home and disposed of properly.

Our home mold removal team strongly believes in keeping everyone safe! You can rest assured knowing we’ll dispose of the mold in a way that reduces its impact on others and the environment.

The Last Steps Of Mold Remediation

Once the impacted materials have been removed and disposed of safely, the final steps of the process will begin. Our team will work diligently to begin cleaning the remaining materials and items in your home. We’ll clean cement, wood framing, plastic, and all other materials. Our experts will try to salvage as many possessions as humanly possible. All areas will be vacuumed thoroughly using a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. Eco-friendly detergent and cleaning supplies will be used to ensure the area is cleaned and the mold is completely eliminated.

Safe Home Mold Removal

In the end, we strongly believe that our unique home mold remediation procedure will ensure that your home maintains a safe, healthy, and comfortable environment.

The Risks Are Incredible

When it comes down to it, you need to know and realize that the risks involved with mold removal are enormous. Mold is very dangerous and it has been linked to a wide variety of health complications, including cancer. The problem is complicated even further when you begin disturbing the mold. As soon as you begin ripping the mold-infested drywall away from your home’s walls, those spores will enter the atmosphere and they’ll infiltrate your lungs. It is possible to decrease the risks by wearing the correct protective gear.

Nevertheless, it is generally best to rely on a professional. Pure Airways is capable of negating the risk, so you do not have to take it!

Failing To Address The Underlying Problem

Again, it is possible for homeowners to remove mold on their own. However, this doesn’t mean that they’ll be able to do so effectively. This is one of the main reasons that homeowners should hand over this responsibility to a professional. If you fail to address the underlying problems, your mold will eventually return in a few months. Our team of experts is capable of identifying specific problems that can lead directly to mold development. We’ll make sure these problems are eliminated before the mold is removed.

In return, this will greatly reduce the possibility that your mold will return.

A Time Consuming And Messy Procedure

Lastly, you should take a realistic look at the mold removal procedure. This is not something that can be done over the weekend. And, you might as well realize that you’re going to get covered in dust and dirt. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not have the time nor the energy to carry out this procedure on their own and this completely reasonable. As a homeowner, it is truly in your best interest to avoid this responsibility at all costs. The procedure is very risky, incredibly time consuming and messy. Plus, you’ll find yourself spending a lot of money on cleaning supplies and protective materials.

If you wish to avoid these problems, you need to work with Pure Airways. We’re happy to help. We offer the most convenient and cost-effective mold removal solution and we’ll get the job done right the first time around!

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