Signs And Symptoms Of Mold Allergies

Mold is a sign of an unhealthy indoor environment. Not only it affects your premises environment but also ruins the well-being of your loved ones. Mold once when starts to grow can form colonies in as little as 24 hours and it is dangerous.

We try to keep children safe from every illness but what if your indoor environment is harming your child? Mold can cause some severe health problems in adults and children as well. Here are few signs of mold allergies in children.

  • Skin problems: mold is the major cause of skin problems like discoloration, irritation, allergies and much more. If your child regularly complains about skin problems then you must consider an expert Mold remediation, mold might be dwelling in your home.
    Mold growth is dangerous and can cause many serious skin problems in children especially. If you happen to observe skin problems in your child please consider taking a mold test for confirming the presence of mold in your house, if the test is positive go for a professional mold removal service, Do not forget to consult a doctor and do as the doctor suggests to prevent allergy.
    This way your child will be relieved from the allergy and also your home will get rid of mold infections and allergies.
  • Respiratory problems: Mold when grows in a premise it grows in colonies and in large numbers. This mold gets into the respiratory track of your child and causes respiratory problems. Not just this mold can cause few more serious health issues like asthma, runny nose, frequent cold and itchy nose as well. So if your child often catches a cold and faces respiratory issues, it might be a warning alarm for you. Consider testing your home for mold and avail professional home mold removal to permanently get rid of mold and mold allergies as well. If the results of the mold test happen to be positive, please consult a good doctor and get your child treated well. Do not forget to mention the presence of mold in your premise so that the doctor will treat your child accordingly.
    Headaches: another serious symptom of mold allergy is severe headaches. So if your child complains about having headaches regularly, It might be a sign of mold infection. Consult a doctor as early as possible to minimize the effects of mold infections and then call for a professional service to check whether you got the presence of mold in your premise. If there exists mold in your premise please avail a Mold Remediation Service, so that mold can no longer affect your child’s well-being. Once the mold is remediated and your child is treated you need not worry. Your child is safe now.
  • Itchy eyes: itchy eyes is yet another sign of mold infections in children. You may observe itchy eyes, water from eyes and many more eyes related infections if mold really exists in your premise. So do not ignore if your child complains about itchy eyes or other problems associated with the eyes as this might be a sign of mold infection. Take it as a warning sign and act immediately, after all, it is the matter of your child’s health. Visit a good doctor and do not forget to avail professional help. Make sure you avail professional Mold removal or mold remediation to get rid of the root cause.
  • A sore throat: Mold causes a sore throat too. Many people complain about having sore throats and even visit a doctor, but aren’t treated because they do not work on the root cause causing the problems. So even after they do whatever the doctor says but still the problem sustains. This happens because they aren’t aware that mold might be the reason behind this. They take medicines but do not avail Home mold removal and so they never get rid of a sore throat. If you have tried everything to treat your child’s sore throat and still the problem continues please go for mold testing. Mold might be the reason behind your child’s sore throat and so anything else won’t help but Mold remediation. Also, make sure that you make your pediatrician aware of the mold growth in your home so that he can treat your child in the best way possible.
  • Wheezing: wheezing is that whistling sound you hear sometimes when someone breathes. Wheezing is a sign of an unhealthy body. If your child wheezes along with breathing, then please wake up. Wheezing may be a sign of mold allergy. Make sure you opt for a very good mold removal service after availing the mold test. So the first thing to do when you know you have mold growth in your house is getting professional help. Also, visit a very good pediatrician for treating your child’s wheezing problem.

professional home mold remediation

What can you do about it?

As soon as you suspect mold allergy in your children, immediately go for a patch test for mold. If the test happens to be positive you have found the root cause of your child’s allergy. You to start to analyze the processes with a technician and get rid of mold for treating your child permanently. First and foremost avail the best professional home mold remediation. Simultaneously visit a pediatrician and tell him about the problem and also make him aware of the mold growth in your premise. This way your child will be treated and now when you also have remediated mold, mold will no longer cause allergies. But wait this is not just it. You got to maintain temperatures and humidity in your premise to make sure that mold cannot grow in your premise again. Be safe and be healthy. Avail mold remediation service in time if you suspect mold growth in your premise.

Mold Allergies In Children

Where to look?

If you are looking for mold remediation, Pure Airways got your back. Pure airways got experienced crew and cutting-edge technologies, and so we can remediate mold efficiently from your home. Got mold growth in your premise? We have got the solution. Call Pure Airways for mold remediation services.

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