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Pure Airways is an air duct cleaning service provider that performs professional, effective air duct cleaning services across the United States.

We are the top air duct cleaning service provider in the DFW area with more than 10 years of experience in offering a variety of home cleaning and AC duct cleaning services.

You will have many air duct cleaning companies to choose from, but Pure Airways highly trained technicians are the best at improving the quality of the air inside your home and office!

The Pure Airways’ Quality Advantage

Any service that Pure Airways provides is performed by a trained professional technician who has passed a background check and works with Pure Airways-approved equipment and sanitizing solutions, these precautions ensure your living space or workspace will be a healthy, safe place for your family members, friends, and coworkers.

Every job we perform is backed by a warranty which means we stand behind our work ensuring you are satisfied with your clean air vents.

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Your HVAC System & Air Ducts System

Do you suffer from seasonal or sensitivity allergies? Cleaning your air duct system regularly, at least once a year, ensures that allergens and other particulate matter like household dirt, household dust, pet dander and fur, pollen, bacteria, and other debris are minimized in your air conditioning system and minimize allergic reaction to the air in your home.

Dust in your HVAC systems adheres to the duct walls when it comes in contact with moisture in the system, even a slight amount of dust can cake onto the duct walls.

HVAC System Inspection

Research suggests that indoor air pollution negatively affects the quality of your health and you will need to change your air filters more often.

Dust and dirt that build up on your air duct surfaces do not improve airflow.

Air Duct Assessment

After having your air ducts professionally cleaned by one of our technicians, your Dallas air duct cleaning service is under warranty, you can call us anytime during that warranty to thoroughly inspect your ductwork system to ensure everything is clean and running smoothly.

Routine Air Duct System Inspection

Accurate pictures of the current condition of your dirty air ducts will be taken by your technician. In most circumstances, you will see the amount of dirt and dust caked on the walls of your air duct system.

The Cleaning Process

An inspection is a first and most important step in the duct cleaning process to ensure your cleaning starts off right and you maximize the energy efficiency of your home. It starts with a thorough inspection of your duct work by a trained technician, and you will be on your way to breathing healthier air.

Mold in Your Duct System?

Mold growth, VOCs, harmful contaminants, and other microbes in your air ducts pose threats to your indoor air quality and can cause severe health problems.

This is why routine inspections are so important, providing visible evidence that mold is growing in your system and detecting other airborne contaminants.

If mold is detected in your air ducts early enough it can help, it must be removed immediately.

Quality Furnace Cleaning

Furnaces, when lit, produce ashes that accumulate in the furnace duct causing poor indoor air quality in your home environment. This often leads to potentially serious respiratory problems.

Heating and air conditioning systems left uncleaned for a long time can become a breeding ground for other contaminants which can irritate the symptoms of asthma and other respiratory problems.

A dirty furnace will use more energy as it will have to work harder. A cleaned heating and cooling system will increase the effectiveness of the entire HVAC system and save energy.

Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance

It’s not enough to just have your air ducts cleaned, you need to ensure that your entire heating and cooling system’s efficiency is optimal. Condensate drain pans need to be regularly flushed, cooling coils need to be cleaned over time, and heat exchangers surfaces need to be cleaned.

Using proper HVAC equipment and effective techniques, we can maintain your ventilation system, removing build up and other particles that contaminate your heating and air conditioning system.

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Why Choose Us?

Whether your air duct system has been negatively affected by regular dust dirt and debris, fire damage, water damage, or mold it will decrease the quality of air in your property. Studies conclusively demonstrate that getting your air ducts cleaned is the right step forward to better air quality and cleaner indoor air.

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Do you have more questions that weren’t answered above? Read on!

Do I Need Air Duct Cleaning?

Every air duct system, residential or commercial will need air duct cleaning at some point in its existence.

What Does Air Duct Cleaning Cost?

Our pricing starts from $129 per AC unit and all the ducts lines attached to the AC unit.

The price can go up from there based on the current condition of the air duct system.

How Often Should I Clean My System?

All air ducts systems should be cleaned at least once every two to three years.

What's The Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning?
  • Increasing your indoor air quality
  • Save money on your electric bills
  • increasing the life of your AC system
  • Cleaner healthier indoor air!
What If I Have Mold In My Ducts?

We are a licensed Mold Remediation company ready to handle any mold related concerns.

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Pure Airways: Quality Heating and Cooling System Duct Cleaner

We are associated with: The Better Business Bureau and the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. Pure Airways can help you maximize the health benefits of clean indoor air quality.

Whether you need residential air duct cleaning or commercial air duct cleaning, Pure Airways is your one-stop for all duct cleaning needs. Inspection FREE of charge! Comparative prices, no hidden fees, no upsell.

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