Why Mold Remediation Is Best Left To The Professionals

Did you know that heat and humidity from warm weather aren’t the only things that can cause mold? Any mold remediation expert will tell you that basement moisture combined with heat from the home can lead to mold growth. You might be surprised to learn that this is even true during the winter months.

If you are not aware of these types of facts and the dangers of mold then mold remediation is always best left to the professionals. When you combine these facts with the fact that mold can grow out of control in just a few months, home mold removal might not look so enticing now. When mold starts growing at this rate it can work itself into other parts of the home and cause serious health problems.

Below, you will discover why home mold removal should always be left to the professionals like us, and how you can benefit from our expertise.

Guaranteed With A Warranty

When it comes to dealing with home mold removal or mold remediation the truth is that you never really know if you completely removed the mold or not. You might have spent $1,000 and 20 hours on your own household mold remediation to find out a month later that the mold came back.

Now, you are out all that time and money. However, when you deal with a professional company like ours this is something that you never have to worry about. Now, there might be some rare cases when the mold is not completely removed the first time around, but without an amazing warranty and customer satisfaction, this is something that you won’t have to worry about. After completing a job, if you experience more mold in the same area we will send a tech back out to redo the job for free of charge.

fact that mold can grow out of control

Spreading The Mold

When it comes to mold removal most people think that they can just treat out the infected areas, replace them, and the mold will be gone. This is true to some point, but when you are tearing out the infected materials the spores just go everywhere.

You need to properly cure the area before tearing it out or build a safe structure to prevent the spores from spreading. If you just go in and tear out the infected area and replace the materials, sure it will remove the mold from that area, but it will spread to other areas of the home if you don’t take the proper precautions.

Properly Identifying Mold

Anyone of our experts will tell you that every home in the world is going to have some type of mold. The real problem is identifying if that mold is harmful or not. Most homeowners will see mold, freak out, and automatically start tearing it out.

The real truth is that the mold might look ugly, but it isn’t harmful, so it doesn’t really need to be torn out. When our experts come out to your home they can take samples of the mold and send them to a highly trained, highly professional lab to analyze the sample and see if you are actually dealing with hazardous mold.

If you do not just think about the money that you would have saved with a simple phone call. There are a lot of companies that sell online kits, but the real truth is that these home kits can be completely unreliable.

some type of mold

Household Mold Removal Will Reduce Mycotoxins

Most people are under the impression that black mold is dangerous. However, this is a huge misconception, because the mold itself is not dangerous, but the toxins that it produces. Black mold produces harmful mycotoxins that can cause a wide range of respiratory illnesses.

Short-term exposure will cause allergic reactions and potentially asthma-like symptoms, such as wheezing and shortness of breath. However, long-term exposure can lead to chronic illnesses, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD.

As one of the top household mold remediation companies in the state, we are fully capable of eradicating the mold that is plaguing you and your family. Our household mold removal team will perform the task, wearing protective gear to prevent exposure to the dangerous mycotoxins. Home mold remediation is the only solution to removing large areas of black mold that can be found in just about any area of the home that is damp.

Our Household Mold Remediation Will Also Make Necessary Repairs

Household mold removal is the only solution to eradicating mold growth in any type of building structure. Of course, you can attempt this undertaking on your own, but it will be difficult to eradicate 100 percent of the mold and prevent further growth.

Once our household mold remediation team removes the moldy materials from your home, a restoration team will come in and make the necessary repairs to return your home to its original state. This task includes installing new drywall, carpet, wallpaper, flooring, floorboard and subflooring, if necessary.

To return your home to its original state, you will require our assistance. We provide consumers with extraordinary home mold remediation restoration services, from analyzing the process to finishing the job. When we exit your home for the last time, it will look like it was never plagued with black mold.

home mold remediation restoration services

Repair Leaks

Black mold and mildew are the results of a water leak or high humidity. Both these problems will have to be eliminated to keep the mold from growing in a specific area. For example, if the mold growth has begun in the attic the roof must be leaking.

However, the humidity level may also be extremely high, causing the entire space to become hot and humid. Wherever there are dampness and fresh air, there will be a potential for mold growth. The remediation team will repair the lead and correct the humidity level to ensure mold does not grow in the area ever again. This may require installing a dehumidifier, attic fan, or roof vents to reduce the humidity levels.

If the roof is damaged, you may also need to hire a roofing company to make the necessary repairs. Hopefully, the roof does not need to be replaced, because this would cost a lot of money. However, our remediation team can repair small roof leaks and reduce the humidity in any area of your home.

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