Which One is Better Solution Mold Removal or Remediation?

If you are wondering which out of mold remediation and home mold removal is the best solution for mold issues, the following article will clear all your doubts.

Understanding The Root Cause of Mold Growth

Mold is a type of fungus and is capable of growing inside and outside the premise. The one basic necessity for mold growth is high moisture levels and so moist and damp places are ideal for mold growth.

When a mold spore finds a surface to attach itself and the conditions are favorable the mold spore quickly attaches itself to that surface. Once the attaches itself to any firm non-porous it produces spores. These spores again attach themselves to a surface and then reproduce and it goes on like that.

In this way, mold can grow big mold colonies in just two days. So it is very important to consult professionals for home mold remediation. Get in touch with pure airways as soon as you suspect mold growth in your premises.

Mold Growth

Is Mold Growth Dangerous?

The dangers that come along with mold are as follows

  • Ruins the premises’ indoor environment: The fact us mold reproduces with the help of spores. These spores are carried around a premise by water or air.  When the mold circulates along with air, it depletes the indoor environment of a premise. The air becomes unfit for breathing and when we breathe air along with the mold spores it can cause a lot of health problems as well. Mold sometimes are carcinogenic. We bet you never want to compromise the health of your loved ones to ensure that you avail of our household mold remediation service as soon as you see signs of mold growth in your house. Maintain a healthy living environment with Pure Airways.
  • Makes the premise stink: we know the clean and fresh smelling premise. Who would want their premise to stink? We bet no one. But mold when grows colonies, makes your house smell moldy. This moldy smell might even get on your clothes and you as well if a proper solution is not availed in time. So pick pure airways and avail household mold removal in time to avoid the moldy smell.
  • Health issues: mold growth can sicken the inhabitants of the premises they grow in. Mold when inhaled along with air can cause many serious health issues like asthma. Not just this but mold can sometimes even be carcinogenic. Moreover, mold can cause headaches, skin problems like rashes and irritation and allergies also. So why not be safe? Call Pure Airways as soon as you see the signs of mold growth.

So what do you need to know? Is mold remediation the perfect solution or mold removal is more efficient? Let us figure that out.

Home Mold Remediation Process

This home mold remediation process starts with a proper analysis of the premise so that the root cause behind mold growth could be found out and eliminated. In most cases, the root cause is found to be leaking pipes or any other moisture source. So in mold remediation, we completely stop the moisture supply and then we move on to the cleanup process. Once we have stopped the water source we do a thorough cleanup of your premise. Our home mold remediation crew cleanups mold in such a way that no microscopic spore can live through the process. We take utmost care that we completely remove all the microscopic spores so that they can multiply.  Only a professional service like our household mold remediation can remediate mold and help you keep your premises’ environment clean and healthy.

Home Mold Remediation Process

Home Mold Removal Process

In the home mold removal process, all the mold that is visible or can be smelled is removed. For some time you will not see any mold growth but after sometimes mold will grow again as the spores are not removed. Moreover, in-home mold removal the root cause is neither identified nor removed so mold will cent percent grow again in your premise even after you avail of home mold removal.

Which amongst mold remediation and household mold removal is better?

Now, it is very clear that mold remediation is a permanent solution whereas mold removal is a temporary solution. household mold remediation is way better than household mold removal because of the following reasons:-

  • Mold remediation works on eliminating the root cause, whereas mold removal removes works on removing visible mold.
  • Mold remediation works on eliminating the mold spores so that they cannot reproduce whereas mold removal does not.
  • After mold remediation, if moisture levels are controlled mold will never be able to grow in your premise whereas mold removal does not care about removing mold spores and thus they will cent percent grow back in your premise.
  • Mold remediation is a permanent solution whereas mold removal is a temporary solution.


Mold remediation is the best solution for mold-related issues. So make sure you choose home mold remediation by pure airways when you confirm mold growth in your premises.

If you are also looking for tough mold remediation, your search ends right here. Pure Airways is everything you will ever need for effective mold remediation services.

Trust us, our household mold remediation is just perfect for getting rid of mold permanently. We believe a pure and clean indoor environment is a basic necessity and thus must be available to all at very affordable rates.

Thus we make our home mold remediation available at fair prices. We are never satisfied until our client is and so we make sure that we deliver excellent services that satisfy you. Give Pure Airways a chance to serve you when you deal with mold growth at your premises.

We promise you that you will love us for the quality of services we deliver. Give us a call and we will be right there on your doorsteps to get you rid of mold. You will never have to deal with mold again after availing of mold remediation service Provided that you take care of moisture levels.

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