What To Know About Flexible Ductwork Installation

Have you decided that it is time to get the ductwork in your home replaced? If so, you’ll need to decide whether you want to pay for flexible ductwork installation. Many people believe that they’ll be able to do it on their own. This may or may not be the case. So, you should take the time to learn as much as possible about ductwork installation. Within this guide, you’re going to learn a great deal more about the installation process.

Time Frame of Ductwork Installation

Nobody wants to sit around and wait for something to get done. You want the duct work installed as quickly as possible so you can feel comfortable in your home again. So, how long will it generally take to get the flexible ductwork installation completed? The truth of the matter is that there is no definite answer. When it comes down to it, the time frame is going to depend on several factors. For starters, the size of your home will make a big difference. If your home is small, it shouldn’t take too long to get it done.

  • Size of home
  • Team in question
  • The difficulty of house layout
  • Accessibility of materials

At the same time, you have to consider the company. Some companies are slower and this means that it is going to take much longer to get done. Working with Pure Airways is the best way to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Potential Costs of The Installation

Before doing anything else, you should go ahead and start considering your budget. After all, you probably have limited money to spend on this project. There are many variables that will play a role in determining how much you’re going to end up paying in the end. One of the most notable is the overall size of your home. If it is bigger, you’re going to need more duct work so you’ll be paying a lot more. The area in question is another factor. Finally, you should consider the company that will be installing the ductwork. Some will overcharge and this will spend the costs higher.

If you’re looking for affordable flexible duct installation, you should rely on Pure Airways. We’ll get things done right without charging outrageous fees.

Maintenance Requirements

Consumers have to maintain pretty much everything they own. This is certainly true when it comes to ductwork. You may not need to physically maintain the ductwork, but you will need to protect the HVAC system. This will ensure that everything remains in good working order.

So, what will you need to do? First and foremost, you will need to replace your filters regularly. When the filters have gotten dirty enough to reduce the airflow, you should replace them. There are filters that can be cleaned and used again too. Either way, it is wise to replace the filters once a month or so.

You should also keep a close eye on your duct work. From time to time, you should access the attic or crawlspace and feel around the duct for leaks. If you find any, you’ll want to seal them up as quickly as possible.


The durability of the ductwork is definitely something you’ll want to consider before moving forward. After all, this type of project can be pretty expensive. You’ll want everything to last as long as humanly possible. Otherwise, you’re going to have several big bills to juggle.

The good news is that flexible duct work is pretty durable. As long as you’re careful and protect it, you can rest assured knowing that your duct is going to last. Unfortunately, flex duct is not nearly as durable as a metal duct. If you are not afraid of spending more, you’ll definitely want to consider upgrading to the metal duct.

Protecting The Ductwork

Finally, you should know how to protect your duct work. Remember that plenty of things can go wrong. It is essential to do everything possible to keep your ductwork in great condition. One of the best ways to do that is by taking steps to protect it. Make sure that your attic or crawlspace is fully enclosed. It should be sealed tight. This will prevent the elements from getting inside. More importantly, it will ensure that an animal doesn’t sneak in and destroy the ductwork.

whenever you need to clean flexible ductwork you need to use an expiriance company like pure airways, Give us a call for a free estimate!

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