The Hidden Problem With Flexible Ductwork Insulation

If you own a home or are thinking about buying a commercial building there is a good chance that you have heard some horror stories about air distribution. This is because air ducts don’t nearly get the attention that they should do to the fact that they are hidden most of the time.

They are either installed below the floors or above in the attic. Even though the system is hidden out of place it should never be overlooked. We here at Pure Airways know just how important the flexible ductwork system and its cleaning is to the entire operations of the HVAC system.

It the duct system is inadequately designed or isn’t properly insulated it can lead to a plethora of problems. This is why Pure Airways always take the time to make sure that our duct systems are properly sized and insulated. Below, you will learn about some of the problems that you can encounter when your ductwork isn’t properly sized or insulated.

Heat Loss

The first and probably most obvious reason for insulation on the ductwork has to do with energy loss. It is pretty much the same concept as walking outside without a cap in the winter. All the heat is going to escape through your ears and you will be cold in a matter of minutes.

Well, this very same concept can be applied to ductwork. Ducts that are placed in the basement or attic will be exposed to cooler temperatures during the winter months. That pretty much means that without the proper insulation heat that was intended to heat the home will be lost when it travels through the duct system. This will make the whole system work hard and more inefficient.

Stops Condensation

Another major reason for flexible ductwork insulation has to do with the cooling side of the system. Have you ever sit a cool can of soda out in the summer heat? What’s it going to do? It is going to swear or condensate. Well, most duct systems in the south are made out of metal. And, since heat is the worst in the south during the summer months it means that your cool, metal ducts are going to be constantly exposed to higher ambient temperatures.

This is something that will result in condensation. However, this is where insulation comes in handy. The is why Pure Airways takes the time to make sure all ducts are properly insulated during initial installation. Not properly insulating the ducts will result in excessive condensation, which could cause major mold and mildew problems when the ducts are installed in attic or crawlspace settings.

Hot And Cold Spots

When ductwork isn’t properly insulated or sized it can also result in hot and cold spots throughout the home. You might walk into the living room where it is comfortable and you might walk into the adjacent dining room where the temperatures are freezing or sweltering hot.

The ductwork that loses heat or coolness through improperly insulated ducts can cause these hot spots in the home. This type of problem might also mean that the system will need to run longer to satisfy the temperature in the home.

Benefits Of Installing Flexible Ductwork In Attic

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