Is Air Duct Cleaning Worth The Money?

As the concerns for indoor air quality rise and the popularity of duct cleanings become more evident more and more commercial air duct cleaning companies pop up every day. Sure, it really is easy for one of these companies to convince you that you need a home air duct cleaning when they put on a white glove and pull some dust particles out of your vent. Every vent is going to have some type of dust or dirt in it, regardless of how clean your home or heating unit it. Of course, you don’t want to be breathing all these particles, but at the end of the day is a duct cleaning really worth the money or is it just a scam? Below, you will learn what you need to really know about duct cleanings.

Is Commercial Vent Cleaning Backed By Scientific Proof

One of the biggest selling points that these vent cleaning companies use is that they say air duct cleanings can greatly improve the overall air quality of your home. The real truth of the matter is that there is no scientific evidence that backs this claim. So, anytime you come across a company or tech that tells you this, you probably know that they are misinformed or you simply can’t trust them. That being said, this doesn’t mean that air duct cleaners can’t improve your quality of life in the home. In fact, if you suffer from severe allergies and dust irritations a duct cleaning might be just the thing to make your life at home healthier.

How Air Duct Cleaning Companies Clean Your Ducts

From what little you probably already know about a vent cleaning service, you might just assume that you could just get out a vacuum and vacuum out your vents and get the same results. Sure, this process would remove a lot of dust in the registers, but it wouldn’t do everything that a commercial vent cleaning company could do. These professional companies utilized specially designed blower, vacuums, and brushes to effectively clean out the branches of the duct and the main trunk line, as well as cleaning the return. Along with this, they also clean the unit, which would cost the same as a spring-cleaning or heating tune-up.

Vent Cleaners Removing Unwanted Animals

Do you have signs of animals under your house or in the attic? If so, and your ductwork is located in the same vicinity you could be in for a true nightmare. Animals like squirrels or birds can reap havoc on a duct system. Not to mention that is the animals leaves feces in the system, you are pretty much breathing in the particulates and fumes of that feces all day long, which is unhealthy, to say the least. However, commercial air duct cleaning services can remove these animals, let you know how they are getting in, and patch the ductwork.

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Services Patching Duct Work

Duct cleaning services are really more than just about cleaning your ducts. In fact, the reason that your ducts are probably dirty in the first place is that they might have leaks and cracks. This is where a duct cleaning near me can come in handy. An air duct cleaning services team can evaluate your system, find the leaks and cracks, and seal them. This will not only prevent your duct from getting dirty in the future, but it will ensure that your system is running at optimal peak performance. So an air vent cleaning could potentially save you money and fewer headaches in the future.

Affordable Prices – Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Some consumers are under the impression that air duct cleaning is out of their reach. This is a huge misconception because it is extremely affordable. Since air duct cleaning can be performed in a single day, with only a few tools and little manpower, companies can pass the savings on to their customers. There are many benefits of having your HVAC ductwork cleaned, so now that you know it is within your reach, you should consider having it done in the very near future. Equipment utilized for duct cleaning include:

  • Large vacuums
  • Rotary brushes
  • Filters
  • Caulk
  • Aluminum tape

Reduces Wear And Tear On HVAC Unit – Home Air Duct Cleaning

When debris enters the HVAC duct it will make problems for your heating and air conditioning unit. Since the debris circulates throughout the ductwork, when the unit is in operation, it will make the motor work harder and longer to keep your home comfortable. Vent cleaning is key to your HVAC unit operating efficiently.

When you hire one of the local air duct cleaning companies in your area for this service, you will definitely be impressed with their skills and knowledge of air vent cleaning. Air vent cleaners take their job seriously.

Keeps Energy Bills To A Minimum – Vent Cleaning Service

As mentioned above, dirty ductwork can cause your HVAC unit to work harder and longer, resulting in increased energy bills. If you noticed your electric bill increasing, but have no idea why it has increased, it may be contributed to a dirty HVAC duct system. The solution is no other than residential and commercial duct cleaning services. This process is guaranteed to remove dirt, contaminants, mold and debris from the inside of HVAC ductwork.

Once the process is complete, your energy bill should return to what it was before your ductwork became clogged with debris. In addition to this, your HVAC unit will begin operating more efficiently.

Reduces Upper Respiratory Symptoms – Commercial Duct Cleaning Services

It is a fact that the contaminants inside your HVAC ductwork can trigger upper respiratory symptoms. These symptoms include sneezing, runny and itchy eyes, stuffy and runny nose, coughing and difficulty breathing. If you just recently started experiencing these symptoms, it may be possible that your dirty HVAC ductwork is the culprit. Air duct cleaning commercial and residential is the solution to relieving all of these symptoms.

To find professional air duct cleaners in your area, just perform a quick Google search, utilizing the phrase, air duct cleaning near me. Your results will include a list of duct cleaning services will appear on your computer screen. Before contacting these companies, be sure to conduct thorough research on at least three in the list.

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