Is Air Duct Cleaning Services Really Worth It?

Even though the air ducts play a major role in the heating and air system, they are often times over looked when it comes to maintenance and cleaning. The duct system is responsible for delivering the air in and out of each room during the seasons to provide comfort for you and your family. In fact, the air in your home in constantly circulated every time the heating and air system comes on. Depending on where you live and the time of the year, the air could be circulated quite a few times in one day. This is the air that you and your family are breathing, so you want it to be as clean as it possibly can.

With that being said, over the years there has been a lot of debate about the effectiveness of air duct cleaning services. Well, we here at Pure Airways, we provide air duct cleaning services that are second to none, and we want our customers to clearly understand the importance of having your ducts cleaned and inspected.

Vent Cleaning Improves Air Flow Efficiency

Regardless, of what any heating and cooling contractor tell you, it is completely impossible to get a duct system 100% completely sealed. Of course, you can seal the system as good as possible, but there is always going to be a few leaks and cracks here and there. This will eventually result in the buildup of dust, dirt, and grime. When this happens, it can really restrict the airflow though the duct, which in return results in lower efficiency of the heating and air system. Your heating and air system will have to work so much harder to satisfy the temperature in the home, which will eventually lead to the system breaking down due to all the extra strain.

Vent Cleaning

After a vent cleaning, your system will operate at peak performance, which will not only reduce the cost of your electric bill, but it could potentially increase the lifespan of your system.

Vent Cleaning Removes Smells And Odors

Do you notice stale smells or unpleasant odors every single time the heating and air system kicks on? Well, there are several different things that could be causing this. Every time you cook, paint, smoke, or rub your pet inside the home, you are releasing particles. When your heating and air system kicks on these particles are circulated throughout the duct system where they eventually become trapped. Over the years these particles will turn into stale smelling odors that are very unpleasant.

In addition to this, after years of accumulation of dirt and dust, your heating and air system could be blasting in the fumes from this dirt and dust. Mold could also be built up in the heating and air system, which could result in these stale smells as well. With our vent cleaning service, we have technicians with the tools and abilities to remove these odor-trapping smells, so that you can have a fresh and clean smelling home once again.

Our Vent Cleaning Service Helps You Breathe Better

It is possible that no one in your home suffers from chronic allergies or respiratory problems. However, this does not mean that clean air won’t make your breathing practices easier. Regardless, of how healthy you are, when dust and pollutants get in the nose and lungs it can trigger sneezing, coughing, and other respiratory complications. When you consider the amount of time that you and your children spend inside the home, a vent cleaning service is something that should be considered absolutely necessary.

Air Duct Cleaners Can Reduce Allergens And Irritant

If there is someone in your home that suffers from chronic allergies and respiratory problems, you already know what a threat dirt and dust can be. Just the slightest dust particle could trigger an asthma attack that results in a hospital visit. Along with this, dust particles can sometimes contain harmful contaminants and microorganisms that are harmful and hazardous to anyone’s health. Without a proper duct cleaning, these particles are just going to keep circulating throughout the home and causing problems everywhere they could. However, our air duct cleaners can remove these particles, so that you have a healthier environment inside your home.

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Air Duct Cleaners Providing A Healthier Living Environment

As you can see, having your air ducts periodically cleaned not only has the potential to save you money, but it just creates an overall healthier living environment. When dust, dirt, mold, or stale air particles are circulated throughout the home the troubles do not stop there. These particles usually attach to sofas, chairs, bedding clothes, and other items in the home. This will not only result in double the amount of housework, but you will have to work twice as hard to keep a healthy home.

Complete Inspection Of Ductwork

At Pure Airways, we offer you much more than just a duct cleaning. When our techs come out to your home to clean your ducts, we fully inspect your ductwork as well. If there are any broken or damaged ducts our techs will be able to spot and repair them. This will greatly reduce the amount of dirt and dust that is getting into the home.

Providing Other Indoor Air Quality Solutions

At Pure Airways, we understand that technology is constantly changing, and we love the fact that it is changing. Changing technology not only brings new and exciting opportunities, but it brings along with its new products that can better serve you and your home. New indoor air quality products like HEPA filters and UV lights are always being introduced onto the market, and we here are Pure Airways do everything that we can to ensure out techs are 100% informed about these products.

Not only can we provide you with informational pamphlets about these products, but also our techs can answer any additional questions that you might have. At Pure Airways, we offer a wide range of indoor air quality products at reasonable prices that can go a long way to improving the living standards inside your home.

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