HVAC Cleaning: Smoke and Mirrors or Verifiable Magical?

Pure Airways specializes in the cleaning and replacement of air ducts, but the decision about whether or not this procedure is necessary can be a complicated one. While there are many reasons you may feel the need to have your ducts cleaned, the presence of the following requires the immediate contact of a duct cleaning company such as Pure Airways.

  • The presence of visible mold on the inside of your ducts
  • The presence of vermin inside your ducts, dead or alive
  • An excessive amount of dust that is dispersing particulate into your home or business

In the interest of transparency, Pure Airways will point out that research into the efficacy of duct cleaning is in its early stages, and no large body of conclusive scientific research indicating it’s benefits or harms has yet to emerge in the literature; however, the EPA considers the above to be legitimate causes for health concerns, and Pure Airways is ready to remediate them, whatever they may be.


There are many grimy unpleasant looking things that have the appearance of the mold but are in fact not. Determining whether or not the suspected substances pose a real threat to your health and safety is a decision that can only be made with professional help.

While chemical tests provide the most conclusive data, our experienced and professional technicians at Pure Airways provide a visual inspection at no extra cost to determine the nature of any unwanted, unsightly specimen, and whether or not they pose a legitimate cause for alarm. If the substance is indeed found to be any species of mold, immediate cleaning of your air vents is recommended, and the professional staff at Pure Airways are ready to help at every step of the way.

The presence of molds is a serious issue for three main reasons.

  • The presence of mold indicates the presence of moisture, something that should never be in your air ducts.
  • If your air ducts are insulated, mold/moisture could indicate a breach of integrity in your HVAC system, meaning they may require repair or replacement.
  • The mold in your air ducts can spread throughout your home or business, leading to a much larger problem than just one of aesthetics.


Moisture should never be in your air ducts and often leads to other serious issues. If present for too long, it will form droplets that eventually collect in stagnant puddles. In these puddles, dangerous bacteria will grow, fester, perhaps eventually leaking out. This poses a serious health concern to any persons who may accidentally make contact with the infected, toxic water.

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The cleaning services provided by Pure Airways will make sure to remove any puddles of water in your air ducts as they’re encountered and ensure the sanitation and elimination of any harmful bacteria that grew in the precipitation. Additionally, any moisture problems present in your ducts will be eliminated; however, that may be the result of other issues outside of your HVAC system that Pure Airways are not capable of fixing.


If your ducts are insulated, the EPA recommends they be completely replaced if the insulation material becomes wet or infected with bacteria or mold. Merely cleaning the ducts does not fix the breach in the system, and any molds will simply regrow soon after they’re removed.

Additionally, the presence of mold or moisture in your insulated vents often indicates a larger underlying problem that Pure Airways may not be qualified to solve. Please consult other experts if your house experiences flooding, roof leaks, or other problems unrelated to the mechanisms of your HVAC system. Pure Airways is more than capable of repairing/replacing your ductwork, but our specialties do not extend to roof repairs flood damage prevention or other such things.

Mold Highways

Contaminated air ducts provide an ideal highway for dangerous molds to spread across the entire HVAC system, and this issue could pose a serious health risk to anybody who spends time in your building unless swiftly cleaned.

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The cleaning services offered by Pure Airways are more than capable of handling even the most dangerous and prolific of mold threats, and our professional, experienced air duct cleaners will take all the necessary steps to ensure the safety and cleanliness of your HVAC systems, no matter how big or deep the problem goes.


Biocides are chemicals used in the mold remediation/HVAC service process that aim to kill any unwanted fungi and bacteria present in your air ducts. Additionally, these chemicals can help in the prevention of recurring mold growth in the future. The EPA warns consumers about the possibility of harmful effects caused by substandard, unregulated, or highly toxic chemicals often applied to air ducts by companies less trustworthy than Pure Airways.

Rest assured, Pure Airways uses top of the line chemicals in our remediation process. They are EPA registered, eliminate foul odors, and don’t require any evacuations, special equipment, or biohazard protective clothing in the application process. They clean the surface of any microbes without undue toxicity or danger.


Small amounts of dust on the walls of your ducts are completely normal and do not pose a serious health risk to any inhabitants. However; copious particulate present in the ducts could pose the threat of harm to those sensitive to respiratory irritants. Determining how much dust is too much is a decision our technicians are trained to be experts in. During the inspection process, such concerns will be considered, and the HVAC services provided will accommodate any issues our technicians identified in the process of analyzing your ductwork.


While nominal dust is to be expected, and may not have significant health defects, the EPA suggests that removing even small amounts of dust provides greater efficiency to your HVAC system. Even minor buildup could be increasing the cost it takes to cool or heat your building and may result in significant loss of money over long periods of time. The affordable cleaning services provided by Pure Airways help your home or business eliminate any unnecessary spending you may unwittingly be being subjected to, and decrease your long term costs.

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