Why Is Air Duct Cleaning Needed More In DFW Metro?

Do you reside in the beautiful city of Dallas Texas? If so, you’re probably familiar with the city’s unique climate. During the summer, Dallas tends to experience a great deal of heat and this will require local residents to utilize their HVAC units more regularly. This is one of the main reasons that air duct cleaning is so incredibly important. If your HVAC unit is used more frequently, it will be much more likely to experience problems. This will also increase the amount of dirt and debris that falls into your vent system. Our air duct cleaning service is capable of helping people just like you!

Below, you’ll learn more about the importance of air duct cleaning in the city of Dallas TX.

Why Is It More Important In Dallas?

air duct dallas txWhile Dallas is undeniably a beautiful city, it also has a substantial amount of dusty terrain. The dust and debris in the city will eventually take a toll on your HVAC system. If you leave your windows up or your door open, the dust will enter your home and eventually make its way into your HVAC duct system. When this happens, your HVAC unit’s performance will be reduced and this could also lead to a breakdown. This is one of the reasons that air duct cleaning is more important than it might be in other areas.

Used Throughout The Year

It is generally true that Dallas residents will be required to utilize their HVAC unit throughout the entire year. This is the case, due to the city’s humid climate. Using your HVAC system more frequently will require more regular maintenance. While you should always take steps to replace your thermostat’s batteries and change your filter, you should never neglect your duct system. Using your system more will increase the amount of dirt that it collects. Therefore, you will need to utilize our air duct cleaning service in Dallas more frequently too.

Pure Airways offers the most cost-effective air duct cleaning and we’ll be able to remove all of the debris from your duct system. With our assistance, your HVAC unit will always be able to run at maximum efficiency.

State-Of-The-Art Equipment

Many people are not even aware of the importance of the air duct system. In fact, many do not even take notice until the system becomes clogged with debris and their electric bill increases. There are many downsides to a dirty air duct system, but one thing is for certain, the debris will be pushed back into the home and cause the family to exhibit allergy symptoms. The only solution to dirty ductwork is duct cleaning. This process can be completed in a matter of hours, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment.

negative air pressure air duct cleaning

The equipment our air duct cleaning crew utilizes is stored inside a large vacuum truck. This way, when a customer orders air duct cleaning, the cleaning crew will be totally prepared to take on the task without delay.

Protective Shoe Covers

When of the biggest mistakes that a cleaning crew can make is not protecting the customer’s home. The contaminants and debris in the ductwork can spread into the home if the vents are not sealed off properly. To keep the home or business office as clean as possible throughout the air duct cleaning process, our technicians wear protective attire and shoe covers. This will prevent the debris from being carried into the home by way of shoes. The debris will get stuck in the crevices of the outsole and stay there until the technician walks across the carpet or hardwood flooring.

Protective floor coverings will also be utilized near the area, where the technicians will be working. All vents will be sealed out to prevent the contaminants from being pushed back into the home.

Explanation Of The System Layout

Most homeowners are very well aware of the air duct system, but they are not aware of the fact that it is a harbor for fungus, bacteria, dirt, dust and other debris. Our air duct cleaning technician will walk the customer through the layout of the air duct system. During the walkthrough, the technician will explain how the duct system works, along with the details of the heating and air conditioning system. This educational tour will prepare the customer for the air duct cleaning process.

air duct system


Once the duct cleaning TX process is complete, the technician will spray disinfectant throughout the entire air duct system. This spray is capable of eradicating bacteria, viruses and fungus, along with any type of microbial growth. Now, this process is optional, so it will be up to the customer to utilize the disinfectant spray. However, as a licensed air duct cleaning company, we highly recommend disinfecting the air duct system. If the contaminants are allowed to go untreated, they will continue to grow until they make the family living in the home ill.

spray a disinfectant throughout the entire air duct system

Before And After Pictures

We want to show the customer that their air duct system is genuinely dirty. To do this, we utilize a flex hose, with a small camera on the tip of the nozzle to capture the images. The images will show the dirt and debris inside the air duct system from one end to the other. Once the air duct cleaning process is complete, the technicians will capture more images to show the customer how to clean the system. If you are interested in seeing our portfolio of before and after pictures, just ask one of our technicians.

air duct Before And After Pictures

A Necessity For All

When it comes down to it, duct cleaning is truly a necessity for all homeowners. Whether you live in Kentucky, California, or Texas, you should make sure that your ducts are cleaned on a regular basis. Failing to do so will result in unnecessary and even costlier problems. Pure Airways offers the most cost-effective duct cleaning and we’ll see to it that your ducts are cleaned to perfection. In return, your home’s atmosphere will be cleaner and your HVAC unit will work just a little bit better!

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