Is Air Duct Cleaning Necessary?

If you own a home or business, with an outside heating and air conditioning unit, you probably understand the need for air duct cleaning services. This service entails suctioning out all of the dust and debris in the air duct system, which connects directly inside the home and to the outdoor unit. Most of the debris enters the system through the vents that are located on the floor throughout the home. Whether you believe it or not, it is crucial to have the air vent cleaning done at least every few months, but no later than 2 years.

Ceiling Air Vent Cleaning Service

Many homes are installed with a ceiling air duct system. You can see the vents in the ceiling when you walk into the home. Many homeowners are under the impression that these air vent systems do not need to undergo the air vent cleaning process. This is a huge misconception, because systems need to be cleaned, just like the air vent system on the floor. The ductwork will still fill up with dust and contaminates, so air duct cleaning services are necessary.

Air Vent Cleaning Service

The ceiling vent system works in the same manner as the system installed on the floor. The only difference is the location because the air duct is still a transport system for the cool and warm air that comes from the outdoor HVAC unit. Cleaning this system requires the assistance of our licensed vent cleaners.


 The air duct system, whether it is located in the ceiling or floor will fill up with pollutants. Even though pollutants are biodegradable and will not remain in the air duct system for the long term, they need to be removed with air duct cleaning services. The pollutants are introduced into the air duct system from the outdoor environment. Depending on where you live, the vent system could very well be filled with different types of pollutants. The only genuine way to remove them from the ductwork is with duct cleaning services, which is offered by our company.

Our vent cleaners are skilled in air vent cleaning, so they know exactly how to approach the task and keep the rest of the home protected from contamination. We are one of the top air duct cleaning companies in the business, so keep us in mind when you are ready to undertake the duct cleaning services.


 Along with pollutants, bacteria will also grow inside of air duct systems. A bacterium is a large group of unicellular microorganisms that are highly known for causing disease. However, some bacteria do not cause diseases, but they can still plague an air vent system. Bacteria can enter the home through open doors and windows. The people living in the home can also carry them in. Disease-causing bacteria prefer dark, warm areas, so they are not favorable to air ducts, but they will still grow there if they cannot find anywhere else.


With thorough duct cleaning services, our vent cleaners can restore your air ducts back to their original state. Once the home air duct cleaning process is complete, the air duct system will be free of bacteria and other contaminants.

Air Quality

Ignoring your air duct system and refusing to hire professional air duct cleaners for vent cleaning service is not going to help your cause. In fact, the contaminants and dust inside the air ducts are pushed into the home every time the heating and air conditioning unit comes on. Poor air quality will eventually affect your family’s health, causing the experience allergic reactions, with asthma-like symptoms. Home air duct cleaning is the only solution to improving the air quality in your home.

Our air duct cleaners can put your entire air vent system through the home air duct cleaning in just a few hours. Large rotary brushes are utilized to break the debris loose from the interior walls of the ductwork and powerful vacuums are utilized to suction out the debris. The vent cleaning process removes the dirt, dust and fungus, so the air vent system is restored to its original state. After the vent cleaning process is complete, it may take several hours, before you begin the notice the alterations.

Remove Fungus With Vent Cleaning Service

 Many homeowners will ignore their air vent system because they feel that it is perfectly fine as long it is pushing air into the home. This is a huge misconception, because fungus pores will enter the system from the outside and begin to grow. The fungus itself is not dangerous, but the toxins it produces can cause upper respiratory illnesses. The only way to remove the fungus from the ductwork is by hiring our air duct cleaners to put the system through a complete vent cleaning.

Remove Fungus With Vent Cleaning Service

As one of the best air duct cleaning companies in the state, we provide superb vent cleaning service that will remove all of the fungi from the ductwork.

 Increased Energy Bills

 One of the most common signs of a dirty air vent system is an increased electric or gas bill. The dirt and debris inside the ductwork can cause the outdoor heating and air conditioning system to work harder and longer. An HVAC unit that is operating efficiently will be able to keep the home comfortable, without altering your energy bill. However, the same thing cannot be said about an HVAC unit that is operating inefficiently. If your energy bill increases and the cause is not linked to a service cost increase, it very well could be linked to your air duct system.

The only solution is air duct cleaning, which takes roughly 4 hours to complete.


By keeping your air duct system clean, you will be able to keep your energy bill to a minimum and your family healthy. We are one of the top air duct cleaning companies in the state, so be sure to keep us in mind, when you are ready to tackle that dirty vent system. Our technicians are certified and trained to perform vent cleaning service. Just contact our office and speak with one of our representatives to schedule your air venting cleaning, today. Pure Airways is always happy to assist in any way humanly possible!

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