How To Prepare For A Dallas Texas Road Trip With Children

There is nothing more exciting and rewarding than packing up the kids and heading out on the open road to Dallas, Texas. Sure, most people like to fly, as it is fairly affordable and much faster, but in a vehicle, you not only get the time to bond as a family, but you actually get to see other amazing sights on your way to your destination. That being said, there are a lot of dangers that come with taking a long journey in a vehicle and that is why it pays to be prepared ahead of time. Below, you will learn how exactly you can safely prep and prepare for your long road trip to the amazing city of Dallas.

Consider Renting A Vehicle

Do you own an older vehicle with quite a few miles? Maybe you are extremely partial to this vehicle, it has always been reliable, and it holds the family perfectly. Even if all of these things are true, renting a vehicle still might be your best option. You have to think about how many miles you are going to travel to reach Dallas and the wear and tear that you are going to be putting the vehicle. Does the vehicle leak oil or use a little too much oil? How are the tries? If you are hesitant about any of these things, you might want to consider going with a rental.

In addition to this, rental comes with insurance and roadside assistance that will immediately protect you in the event of a breakdown.

Consider Signing Up For Road Side Assistance

If you are going to drive your own vehicle roadside assistance will be essential. There are a variety of companies that operate state and nationwide. So, no matter where you are in the world they will be able to service you in the event of a breakdown. Some of these services will even offer a loaner vehicle, so you do not have to cancel your entire trip in the event of a major breakdown. Unexpected things can happen on the open road and it never hurts to always be prepared.

Take The Time To Clean Your Vehicle Beforehand

Is your vehicle packed with fast food wrappers, napkins, soda bottles, and dog hair? If so, when you hit the road, you will hue the day that you didn’t take the time to clean your vehicle beforehand. After just a few days on the road, your vehicle will probably be overflowing with other trash and garbage, which is just going to make more of a dangerous mess. In fact, depending on how long your trip is going to take, you should probably stop and clean out the vehicle every few days just to make for safer driving conditions.

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Create A Travel Itinerary

 A travel itinerary is a necessity for families planning a road trip. Contrary to belief, forgetting a thing as simple as switching the lights off at your home could throw your vacation for a loop. With a travel itinerary, you will be ensured to not forget a single thing, in terms of preparation and travel.

It is truly easy to create an itinerary for your Dallas, Texas road trip. However, it will take a bit of strategy to make sure that no details are omitted. One thing is for sure planning a road trip can be time-consuming and at times frustrating. So, errors are always a possibility.

Your travel itinerary should be a complete record of your planned route, journey, course, timetable, arrangements, tours, travel plans and flight plans. If all of this information is documented properly and accurately, you will be guaranteed of having one of the best family road trips of your lifetime.

 Protect Your Perishables

One of the biggest factors related to food poisoning is improper food storage. If you have small children, you will probably be planning on packing a snack pack for them. This snack pack should only include nonperishable items, with the occasional perishable item. Small infants and toddlers require routine feedings, so you will be forced to include some perishables in your list.

When it comes to storing dairy products and juices in your vehicle. Keeping foods cold in the winter months is typically easier than the summer months. If you plan on taking lunchmeats on your trip, be sure to wrap it securely in plastic wrap or foil. Place the items in a cooler with ice. Routinely check the cooler to make sure the interior compartment is the proper temperature. To achieve accurate temperature measurements, you will need to invest in a thermometer.

Meats should be stored at 29 degrees Fahrenheit or below. This temperature will prevent the growth of foodborne pathogens. Milk must be stored in temperatures 45 degrees Fahrenheit and below. You may need to invest in multiple coolers, but it means a healthy road trip, by all means, invest in an additional cooler.

Proper Hand Washing Techniques

Traveling into a new territory can be exciting, but it also means that you and your children will be exposed to all kinds of germs. It is much easier to keep children healthy in a controlled environment, such as your home. When they venture into new areas, you just do not know what you and your children will come into contact with. Remember, germs are everywhere and it is your responsibility to keep your children as germ-free as possible.

One of the best defenses against germs and bacteria is proper hand washing techniques. Encourage your children to wash their hands, before they eat and immediately after utilizing the bathroom. It is also wise for them to wash their hands after visiting a tourist destination, such as a museum, theme park, zoo or floral garden.

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