Understanding The Importance Of Proper Ductwork Installation

When it comes to heating and air most people think about the system itself. They dread that expensive replacement cost of changing out the unit. However, the ductwork is more times than not overlooked. While it is overlooked ductwork installation is one of the most important aspects of the entire setup. Without a proper ductwork installation, the unit will not be able to carry unit from the unit to your vents, which is just going to defeat the purpose of buying a high-efficiency unit. Our company takes ductwork installation very serious and below you will learn why you should too.

Our AC Duct Installation Offer The Best Materials

An inexperienced contractor or sloppy installer might choose the wrong materials to use for your ductwork. While there are lots of different materials available for an AC duct installation, some materials should on be used in certain locations where as some materials shouldn’t. For instance, while duct board and the metal duct is both available to homeowners there are some environments when you need to install metal as opposed to duct board. If the wrong materials are used in the wrong situation it is just going to cause a massive load of problems and the entire AC duct installation would have just been a waste of time and money.

Installing AC Ductwork

Properly Sizing An HVAC Ductwork Installation

There is a whole lot more to an HVAC ductwork installation than just buying the materials, and putting the together. In fact, ductwork systems are designed to carry air over hundreds of feet of space. While the blower located inside the unit is pretty powerful, it is not powerful enough to push air that far. So, how does the ductwork carry air to the farthest reaches of your home? It does it by reducing the size of the duct, which in return increases the velocity. Depending on the size of your unit, the length of your trunk line, and the material that you are using, you are going to have to have different duct sizes. During an HVAC ductwork installation, you need a company that knows how to properly size duct so that is can carry the air throughout the entire length of your home.

Insulating Duct During An Air Duct Installation

During an air duct installation depending on the type of materials that you are using, you are going to have to insulate the duct. For instance, if during an air duct installation you are using a metal pipe or metal rectangle duct, you are going to need to insulate it. However, there are some situations in which the duct might require more insulation. For instance, if you are installing the duct in a crawl space or basement the metal is going to require more insulation. However, if you are installing the metal duct in an attic or insulated space it will not require as much insulation. Here at Pure Airways our techs are trained and certified in installing ductwork in a variety of different situation.

It doesn’t matter if the duct is going outside, in the attic, crawl space, or basement our tech will know how to properly install and insulate it.

Properly Hanging Ductwork

When it comes to installing ductwork for central air, you can’t just let the ductwork lay on the ground. This is especially true if you are installing the ductwork in a crawlspace. If the crawl space is not properly sealed then critters and squirrels will be able to get in and tear up the ductwork. However, with properly hung ductwork these critters will not be able to get duct. However, while hanging ductwork might seem like an easy task it is not. You need a professional tech that knows exactly where to place the support traps.

Installing HVAC Ductwork – Preventing Leaks

To ensure the attached heating and air system is working efficiently, you will need to make sure the technicians utilized the correct techniques for installing ductwork for central air. If the connections are not done correctly with HVAC tape and connectors, the ductwork will leak immediately or begin to gradually leak over time. Of course, you will not be familiar with this task, but you can still examine the ductwork, looking for leaks after the task is complete. Installing ductwork is similar to installing HVAC ductwork for a heat pump or gas operated heating and air conditioning unit. However, the key is to make sure everything is installed correctly to eliminate the potential for air leaks.

Installing HVAC Ductwork

If the ductwork is not connected properly, it will leak, leading to an inefficiently operating heating and air conditioning system. The end result will be an extremely high utility bill, which is something that you will want to avoid all together. The technicians will utilize a smoke bomb or spray bottle full of soapy water to test for leaky connections. Installing ductwork process that is completed properly will not render any leaks.

Installing AC Ductwork May Require A Permit

In some cases, homeowners will need to obtain a permit, before installing AC ductwork for central air. If you are unfamiliar with building codes, you will be able to depend on our installing ductwork team, because they are fully aware of these codes. At Pure Airways, we will work with you to make sure the process is up to code. If a permit is required, you will need to obtain it from the associated government agency. If this is a new installation, the permit will probably be required, but it will be combined with the installation of the heating and air conditioning system.

After installing AC ductwork, it is determined to not be up to code, you will be facing a total reinstallation. What this means is the ductwork will have to be removed and installed properly, which could cost you an additional $200 to $400 or more. This will never be an issue if you hire our installing HVAC ductwork team. We stand behind our installing AC ductwork services and will make the necessary alterations to correct any potential issues.

check our air duct cleaning services to avoid repair expenses in the future.

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