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About Plano Chimney Sweep

Pure Airways is the leading company for chimney sweep Plano tx. We are a team of experienced professionals, and each one of us is highly trained.  Our chimney sweep Plano, Tx team has been serving in the region and other parts of United States as well. We are doing chimney cleaning for more than 15 years now. Pure Airways serves at numerous locations across the United States with a spread of 250 sites.

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chimney sweep plano


Pure airways chimney sweep Plano,Tx

Our Plano chimney sweep is a unique process. Our technicians use advanced techniques and methodologies so as to provide best services for chimney cleaning in Plano, Tx.

Chimney inspection by experts

our chimney sweep Plano,Tx services includes a deep inspection of your chimney. Our expert chimney inspectors check what needs to make the chimney as good as new. Pure Airways is a certified brand that deals in cleaning and restoration services. Our Plano chimney sweep techs are the leading chimney cleaning service providers of the united states.

Chimney cleaning Plano,Tx

second, the chimney cleaning starts. Only expert technicians handle pure airways chimney cleaning Plano, Tx process. our technician makes sure that our chimney cleaning does no harm to your floor and hence the undertake protective measures.

HEPA soot vacuum cleaning

pure airways put in its cent percent when it comes to Plano chimney sweep and other services. We make sure that we leave no piece of ash or other particles in the cleaning. Chimneys cleaning is done with HEPA soot vacuum which sucks any particles sticking to the flue. We bet you won’t see any soot traces in the chimney and your house once we do the cleaning.

Disposing of the waste

We are the cleaners so we don’t leave houses as it is after the cleaning. Our team makes sure we leave your house only after the little mess we created while delivering our services. After the cleaning is done we collect the waste and dispose of it safely.

chimney cleaning plano tx
chimney cleaning services
chimney cleaning in plano tx

What causes chimneys to clog?

Many factors might cause the chimney to clog. Few of them are:

  • Restricted air supply: when anything burns with restricted supply of air it produces soot. This soot gets collected in the chimney and gradually clogs the stack. Furthermore, the amount of air in the chimney is very limited therefore the soot is unable to escape.
  • Cool flue temperatures: since the flue temperature is always lower than that of the soot and ash and thus gets clogged in the chimney. The fact behind this is that hot particles are lighter and thus can float through the stack; further, since the flue is cool, it makes the remains cool as well and hence they stick into the chimney.
  • Unseasoned wood flue: rain logged flue contains moisture making the flue sticky, and hence the soot and ash get clogged. This is one of the reasons people are unaware of. Thus it is most noteworthy to use a well-dried wood to make chimney flue. Afterall wet wood is not good.

Importance of Chimney Sweep Plano TX Service

Checking of chimney and cleaning is especially relevant  because of the following reasons

  • For avoiding fire-related hazards: fire hazards are devastating. A cleaned chimney allows the fire remains to escape while a clogged chimney may lead to a disastrous fire. A clogged chimney blocks the way out and thus can result in a fire. So as to avoid a fire disaster chimney cleaning in due time is crucial.
  • For health concerns: first and foremost a clogged chimney blocks the escape of many harmful gasses; thus polluting the indoor environment. Second, the harmful gasses poses many health-related threats. Asthma, allergies, etc are few of the health risks a clogged chimney poses. So cleaning a chimney is important for your safety.
  • Increases effectiveness of your chimney: usually a well-cleaned chimney is much more efficient than a clogged one. Cleaning chimney in due time increases the energy efficiency of any appliance. Thus chimney sweep Plano tx service makes the heating process cost effective also.

So by and large it can be clearly concluded that chimney cleaning is worth it.

Why choose Plano chimney cleaning service?

We are the most trusted when it comes to cleaning and restoration services. Pure airways is a certified company and is in cleaning and restoration business for more than a decade now. We operate from more than 250 locations across the united states.

BBB accredited services for chimney cleaning Plano Tx

and thus provide efficient cleaning services. We monitor and document the situations closely so could get BBB accredited. Pure airways Chimney cleaning Plano, Tx is the best chimney cleaning service you will find at Plano.

Certified staff for plano chimney sweep

We strive for giving our customers nothing less than the best and so we take care we choose best people for being our staff. We only hire people who are NADCA certified and hold expertise in the field. You can be very sure of the fact that only certified and experienced staff will be sent to your address.

Affordable chimney cleaning Plano, Tx

People fear chimney cleaning because it costs them huge sums of money but our services are available at genuine prices. Pure airways every service including its chimney cleaning Plano Tx is available in genuine and fair rates. We charge only a flat price and our strictly against any hidden charge.

Cent percent customer 100% SATISFACTION

When you deal with pure airways we make sure that we satisfy you with our superfine services. You will never need to worry about the quality of our services as we believe in giving our customers, a cent percent value of their money.

Pure airways Plano chimney sweep is the first choice of customers for chimney cleaning Plano Tx. We strive for providing our customers a clean, healthy and safe environment. Choose the best chimney cleaning services in Plano, Tx- Pure airways. Call now for booking chimney cleaning appointment.

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What areas of Plano TX we service

We provide Chimney Cleaning services to all the residences of Plano TX including the zip codes:

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