5 Fashion bloggers from Dallas, TX you need to know about

Do you know that Dallas ranks 20th in the Annual Fashion Capital Ranking? The ranking is certain to go up every year.

The City of Fashion

Dallas is definitely famous for its southern charm. Many world-class fashion shows are held in Dallas and it is becoming a city of fashion craze. There are TONS of fashion bloggers from this city who readily write about the happening in the fashion world. Each one of them is unique in its style – be it about the outfits, beauty tips, or advice on styling. These are always up-to-date and influence the crowd.

Here is a list of the 5 most favorite fashion bloggers from Dallas, TX.

Courtney Kerr

Courtney Kerr - dallas, tx blogger

Courtney Kerr – Dallas, tx blogger

Courtney Kerr’s personal style is what attracts us at first sight. Her personality is pictured by her playful dressing that is full of fun. She became famous after she was cast in “Most Eligible Dallas” and “Courtney Loves Dallas”. The female viewers are just crazy about knowing every detail of her wardrobe. That led her to a successful career in the world of fashion blogging. After 5 years in the fashion industry, she finally started the online magazine “KERRently” which includes beauty, living, and travel. Shannon Russo, who is the director of Operations of the magazine is Courtney’s right hand.

Jane Aldridge

Jane Aldridge is one of the youngest fashion bloggers who has stormed the internet with her style. She is the footwear-obsessed girl behind the ‘Sea of Shoes’. This teenager from the Dallas suburb first caught the attention of the New Yorks fashion editors with her blogs about her shoes. Jane ranks at the top of the new breed of fashion bloggers in the world of high fashion. She is, in fact, in the country’s top 5 style bloggers list. She is backed by her mother who was a model in Tokyo in the early 80s. She is obsessed with Japanese Fashion.

The Perennial Style – Blair, Ellen, and Janie

Blair, Ellen, and Janie Flowers are the women behind Perennial Style. This sister trio expresses their individuality through the world of fashion. These beauties are from a small town in Alabama and have made it big in the glamor and glitz of Dallas. The eldest sister is Blair and depends more on her hairstylist. The middle sister Ellen is a shoe addict and loves smoky back eyeliners. The youngest of the three is Janie, who is in love with comfortable clothes. The three sisters really rock the fashion world with their blogs. Their Perennial Style is a way to share their passion for fashion and is an inspiration for others.

Allison Hollis

If there is anything that is favorite to Allison, it is her obsession with weddings, fashions, and chic things. The story behind her blog site “Love you, Mean it” goes like this. One day, when She and her sister were walking on the streets of Manhattan after dinner, she saw a female shouting “Love You, Mean It”, which later became the words of her blog. Through her blog, she wants others to stay inspired by viewing the visual treats she views on the internet every day.

Krystal Schlegel

She holds a degree in Advertising, Journalism, and Fashion Media from Southern Methodist University. In the Summer of 2010, Krystal Schlegel started sharing her style and travel journal. And people started wanting more of these online and inspired her to start her blog.

More on the List

There are more Dallas Fashion bloggers on the list and each one is unique in their world of fashion. After all, Dallas is a most happening city.

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